The Power of 3 is your full service wardrobe team! Whether it be dressing for a special event or transforming your entire closet, The Power of 3 personalizes each client experience. You can utilize the Po3 for all of our services or just a few. It all depends on you and what your needs are. Our services include closet organization, makeup tutorials and applications, personal styling, and so much more. 

Closet Organization

This process is a strategic and stylish solution to ensure your closet is not only beautiful, but functioning for you.   We help determine what items in your closet to keep, donate or consign, organize your entire wardrobe, followed by a Digital Look Book of outfits from your closet as well as additional items we suggest.


We are the go-to team for your styling needs from head to toe.  Whether you need help building a functional wardrobe, reinventing your style, or dressing for a special event, we are here for you. In addition, all of our clients receive a Digital Look Book of outfits from your existing closet as well as curated and clickable recommendations for you.


This process starts with cleaning out what’s old and expired, followed by the organization of your makeup by category.  Then we help define your everyday look and help you get the products that you need that are missing from your routine.  Lastly, our Beauty Expert will update you on what’s new in trends and what you should be changing for skincare and makeup each season.


I can’t begin to explain what a huge difference The Power of 3 Consulting has made for me!

These ladies systematically went through every single piece of clothing I had: we figured out what could be donated, what could be consigned, what could be repurposed and what to keep. They defined new items and staples that I needed in my wardrobe, but I was most impressed with how they were able to work with what I already had.

Talk about a style meeting function, it was an absolutely amazing experience with three of the most lovely ladies sharing their fashion and beauty talent and expertise with me! I would recommend them to anyone – such a smart service to be able to provide!

– Lory, 2020