How the PO3 came to be

Hello!  We are The Power of 3 Consulting.  For our first blog post of 2021 and as a new company, we thought we would share a little about how The PO3 came to be, and how the pandemic was the catalyst for our business!

Afi, Lisa & Angela

Like every other individual on this planet, COVID-19 affected our lives in ways we could ever imagine.  2020 was set to be each of our most dynamic years yet, but all those plans came to a screeching halt by early Spring.  Before COVID, we all worked together in the fashion industry.  Angela was in Luxury Retail Marketing, Afi, a Stylist and budding Lifestyle Blogger and Lisa, a Makeup Artist working in luxury retail weddings, and professional sports.  Life was hectic and we were always bouncing from one event to another, trying to balance our family and professional life.  When the pandemic hit, we were each affected differently, this is our story on how we made it through and found our way back to each other.


In early Spring I remember my husband asking me if things would ever “slow down” or if we would get a “break.” My response to him was- “We already had it” … (referring to the holidays).  As I reflect on that small conversation, I realize now how much we needed a break in the crazy cycle that had become our life.  Within a month you could say we certainly slowed down!  Only a few weeks after that conversation my job went from full throttle, to working remote, to furlough and my whole world stopped.  In the beginning I remember being incredibly stressed about adjusting to a new day to day life and did not know what to do at first.  It took me a month or two to settle in, but I eventually came to appreciate the slower pace and wondered what it would be like to “ramp back up.”  However, after 4 months of furlough, my position was officially eliminated, confirming my fears that the job I loved no longer existed and the life we were living before was over.  After being laid off I remember getting off the phone and crying in the office.  My husband knocked gently on the door and with all sincerity, suggested I stay home and relax, instead of carrying on with my day that was planned full of appointments and errands.  I remember considering his offer, but instead I decided to carry on, never spending any time feeling sorry for myself.  I will always remember the good times in my old career and the people that I miss, but since that day I have only focused on my opportunities and my future.  As I looked ahead, one thing became glaringly obvious, and it was that I never wanted to work for “someone else” again.  I had a successful career in Retail and Marketing but had always given so much of my self and my time to the companies I worked for.  I had also sacrificed precious time with my family and being at home made me realize just how much I did not want to give that up again.  There is nothing wrong with working for someone else, it served me well, but I believe it was finally time to follow my passions and explore ideas I had never been able to realize before. 

After the dust settled and I was contemplating my next steps, a mutual friend of ours suggested I start a wardrobe consulting business, as she thought it would be fitting for me and my experience.  Little did she know that I had aspired to do just that, years ago, before my corporate career took off.  As I thought about that role, I immediately thought of my two friends, Afi and Lisa, who I missed and unfortunately no longer worked with.  So, I sent them both a text, the next day we were on a Zoom, and the rest is history!  I firmly believe timing is everything.  The pandemic changed our lives and forced us each to change and take a new path, thankfully our paths came back together!  As we built this business, we realized that together we are a such powerful team.  We each possess so much love for fashion and helping women feel their best that starting this business felt right, like it was there all along.

I am so grateful for the support from my family who encouraged me to venture out on my own, and for the opportunity to work with two of the best women I know!

Angela with her family


In March 2020, I was furloughed from my role as a Stylist at Saks Fifth Avenue.  During this uncertain and stressful time, I decided to focus on creating content as a budding style & lifestyle blogger as there was so much negativity out there! Doing that allowed my creativity to flourish and gave me an outlet to remain positive & hopeful among the chaos. I Utilized my Afi Like Taffy social media platform to educate & inform my followers on being a Type 1 Diabetic, but also to inspire them with style tips to continue to celebrate the small things & not give up. 

Fast Forward to August, I was finally asked back to work. I was torn, feeling there was really no choice to make as my family back home in London & Nigeria expressed their concerns on how dangerous going back to working retail would be as a Type 1 diabetic, one of the high-risk underlying conditions listed by the COVID regulations. I pondered for some time then came to the joint decision with my husband to give my resignation. I cried calling the General Manager breaking the news as it was such a hard decision to leave something I had loved and been doing for over 8 years!   

After that I decided to take my Afi Like Taffy Brand to its ultimate height, becoming a full-time digital creator gaining sponsorships & even a cover on AZ Foothills Magazine!! The possibilities were endless with the BLM movement, more women who looked like me were being seen & I was so happy for it. From 2 paid sponsorships to 12 within the same year (4 type 1 diabetic brands, the ultimate dream) I felt more invigorated than ever before… 

Angela reached out to Lisa & I a few months later, we got on a Zoom call, heard her idea & that was it, we were in! Having worked so much together in the fashion world it was natural to fall into our unique rhythm. It has been such a great opportunity to still work with these 2 resilient, hardworking & talented professional women, we feel incredibly blessed on how everything has fallen into place.

Afi with her Husband


2020 was supposed to be a year filled with makeup and styling for TV segments, Masterclasses, Weddings, photoshoots, Gala’s, charity events, bridal showers, Graduations, Homecomings, date nights, etc.  When COVID-19 shut everything down, I remember feeling completely lost.  My extremely busy schedule came to a complete pause. Before COVID-19, I knew that I needed to make some changes with my schedule and career. I needed more time with my family and I needed more me time. I was furloughed at Saks and had to cancel all upcoming jobs with my Lisa Moore Beauty business.  During Quarantine, I was home with my daughter’s and Fiancé and took that time to really enjoy every moment with them. We spent every day watching Netflix, baking, eating, playing games, and trying to make the best of being stuck at home.  After a few weeks I decided to work on my brand website, and update things that I never had time to do. I spent time reflecting on my career and what was next for me. Like everyone else I also spent a lot of time reorganizing everything in my house!  When I was younger, I had serious OCD issues. Everything had to be perfectly organized and clean. I have always loved helping friends and clients throughout the years organize their own space and it was something that I knew I wanted to do more of. 

After being on furlough for 6 weeks, I fortunately returned to work. It was a scary and surreal time for sure, but I was so extremely thankful to be able to return to the job I love so much. We re-opened the day after Mother’s Day which was supposed the week I was traveling to New York with CHANEL, and even though I was disappointed not being on that trip, I stayed as positive as I could, given everything going on around the world. Once I got back into a routine with work, I had to make important changes to how I run my Businesses and create a new normal.  Safety has been and will continue to be the number one priority for my family, friends, clients, and co-workers. I have been following all the CDC guidelines and doing everything I can to stay healthy.  Once I reconnected with Angela and Afi after they both were no longer working at Saks, I felt we would all work together again, I just didn’t know it would be so soon! The three of us made a great team and accomplished so much together and once Angela told us her idea, I knew that this was perfect. Now I get to work with the two of them again and I cannot wait to see what we can accomplish together on this new journey. I will continue my Career that I love at Saks Fifth Avenue as the CHANEL Beauty Manager and Personal Stylist as well as my Lisa Moore Beauty Business.

Lisa with her daughters

If 2020 taught us anything it was to slow down, prioritize what is important, and that anything is possible.  If we can start a business during a pandemic, just about anything is possible!  In the end we were able to come together, through our individual stories and challenges, each at a place in our professional life to evolve and re-invent ourselves. We are fortunate now to be able to pursue our passions and see the opportunity that we may have never realized if our lives had not been turned upside down. 

Together we truly are a powerful team, hence the name 😊

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