Closet Organization

Closet Organization

Do you look at your closet and always feel like you have nothing to wear?  Organizing your closet will not only help you better see what you own, but our process will help identify gaps in your wardrobe so you can invest in the right pieces and build a wardrobe that is functional and a reflection of you!

 We provide you with a closet that’s strategically organized to help make your outfit choices easier to select on a day to day basis.   We recommend utilizing The Power of 3 each season to rotate your closet, update your Digital Look Book and add recommendations on what you may need for the upcoming season.

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Every new client relationship starts with a complimentary consultation. This is where we discuss your needs and goals for your closet and wardrobe which is followed with a tailored proposal for you to review.

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We design a customized solution for your closet and vision. We provide a mood board and source any necessary materials prior to the cleanout to fit your aesthetic and organizational needs.

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the closet day

Where the magic happens! This includes cleaning out all unwanted and unused items to be donated or consigned, re-organizing your wardrobe (beauty included!), styling looks with your current wardrobe, and making any shopping recommendations for the season.

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The walkthrough, content handoff, and follow up with the Digital Look Book.

If you can’t find a time that fits your schedule, please email us at


I can’t begin to explain what a huge difference The Power of 3 Consulting has made for me! 

These ladies systematically went through every single piece of clothing I had: we figured out what could be donated, what could be consigned, what could be repurposed, and what to keep.

I am so proud of my closet now, it truly looks like a boutique and I feel so honored to be able to shop in my own closet.

 Talk about a style meeting function, it was an absolutely amazing experience with three of the most lovely ladies sharing their fashion and beauty talent and expertise with me!

I would recommend them to anyone – such a smart service to be able to provide!

LORY, 2020