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About Us


The Power of 3 Consulting was founded by Angela, Afi & Lisa, 3 friends and experts in the fashion industry.  The Power of 3 is a boutique wardrobe consulting company, specializing in closet organization, styling, and beauty. Whether it be dressing for a special event, or transforming your entire closet, the Power of 3 personalizes each experience.  Angela, Afi & Lisa bring a unique and fully customized approach to each client’s wardrobe needs. 

“If you want to improve your life immediately, clean out a closet.”

- Cheryl Richardson



The Power of 3 Closet Cleanout is a strategic, stylish solution to ensure your closet is not only beautiful but functioning for you. This process is a complete overhaul of your wardrobe, including beauty, that consists of cleaning out unused items to donate or consign, followed by organizing your entire closet.  The cleanout concludes with a customized Digital Look Book that includes outfits styled from your closet as well as suggested items to complete your wardrobe and compliment your lifestyle.

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Every new client relationship starts with a complimentary consultation. This is where we discuss your needs and goals for your closet and wardrobe which is followed with a tailored proposal for you to review.

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We design a customized solution for your closet and vision. We provide a mood board and source any necessary materials prior to the cleanout to fit your aesthetic and organizational needs.

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the closet day

Where the magic happens! This includes cleaning out all unwanted and unused items to be donated or consigned, re-organizing your wardrobe (beauty included!), styling looks with your current wardrobe, and making any shopping recommendations for the season.

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The walkthrough, content handoff, and follow up with the Digital Look Book.

Closet Cleanout

This process includes strategic organization of the closet, cleaning out unwanted items to either donate or consign, re-energizing the wardrobe and a custom Digital Look Book of seasonal looks created from your existing items as well as suggested pieces to complete or enhance your wardrobe and personal style.

Custom Lookbook

We provide each client with a custom Digital Look Book with key items styled and photographed together for stress-free, easy dressing. We also offer shopping recommendations and outfit suggestions for each client’s lifestyle and needs.  This Digital Look Book lives on your client portal to access at any time and the recommended items are clickable and shoppable!

Seasonal Changes

Once we have re-organized and revitalized your wardrobe, we will set it for the current season for easy day to day dressing.  At the start of each season we not only rotate your closet, but update your Look Book with new outfits and shopping recommendations based on trends, lifestyle, and your current wardrobe.


Your beauty wardrobe is always included in our services.  Just as you update your clothing wardrobe each season, your beauty routine needs a refresh as well. Our Beauty Expert will help organize your beauty routine and help with basic tutorials.  You can also utilize our beauty services for special events including day-of makeup application.

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